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Liberate Human Rights infringement

RightsTech will help you to reveal the violation of your rights and to take legitimate actions to protect your own rights, using appropriate means.

Trade name:           RightsTech Inc.

Founded:                 August 21, 2019

Capital:                     25.67 million yen (as of July 31, 2023) *Including capital reserve. Pre-SeriesA

Head Office:          Tokyo Content Incubation Center No. 21,

                                     41-17, Yayoi-cho 2-chome, Nakano-ku,

                                     Tokyo 164-0013, Japan

President:                Koki  Sakuraba

Employees:             5 (as of July 31, 2023)

Business activities:

  1. Detective agency services.

  2. Website, web content, and other Internet-based services. Planning, production, sales, distribution, operation, and management of websites, web content, and other Internet-based services

  3. Planning, development, design and agency of e-commerce and electronic payment systems

  4. Management consulting

  5. All businesses incidental and related to the above


Core Team

Koki Sakuraba

Founder and President

ter working for Nomura Securities and SBI Group, he started his own business.

He started this business after his family member became a victim of revenge pornography.

In the HIMEPA system, he has received requests from numerous entertainment agencies (individual entertainers) and young individuals, and completed many projects ranging from investigations to legal actions.

Utilizing our experience in media and joint project management, we prevent damage (or perpetration) from upstream and support the establishment of governance.

Jun Katsumata
Trust Law Firm

Lead Attorney

Attorney specializing in digital crimes, with a particular focus on legal action against sex crimes.

At Rights Tech, he provides consultation and legal action to clients and negotiates with perpetrators.

In addition, as an in-house lawyer, he is also involved in the establishment of corporate governance and the creation of legal manuals and other documents.


Soyoka Urata

Representative of THYME

Representative of THYME, a sexual assault victim support information platform, and in charge of public relations and sexual assault prevention awareness at Rights Tech.

She is an industrial counselor.

As a victim of sexual violence, she has experienced a series of judicial procedures from cooperating with investigations to trials. She has made numerous media appearances. She has been in contact with many experts (psychiatrists, psychologists, police, lawyers, etc.) and researchers in the field of sexual violence victimization, and has made policy recommendations and disseminated information.

Masayoshi Sakurai

Gawain Representative

epresentative of Gawain, an international NGO based in India, and ZIAI, a non-profit tech organization in Japan.

At Rights Tech, he is in charge of the Revenge Pornography Counseling Room project.

He has contributed to the eradication of rape victims through the development of an AI x drone patrol system in partnership with Indian authorities,

In response to a request from a local government, he developed an AI bot system specialized in preventing the suicide of counselors, and gained the support of many middle and high school students as a counseling service for young people,

Responsible for building consultation channels from counselors



Executive Advisor

Angel Investor

switched careers to startups after holding senior positions at Sanofi and GE.
He founded the Japanese branch of Unchained Labs, a Silicon Valley company, achieving 1.5 billion yen in sales in 4 years and contributing to the M&A with Carlyle.
As COO/CBO of OriCiro Genomics (now Moderna Enzymatics), he led the M&A and technology transfer with Moderna.
Currently consults and assists companies and universities with start-up projects.

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